tmux: Peter Jang official endorsed: official endorsed: official endorse book: iTerms2 integration tmux 2 book tmux外貌

tmux?? iTerms integration with tmux iTerms more windows in one tab, save window arrangement

iTerms2 autocomplete (input start of word, then)⌘;

iTerms 2 tricks


Vimium in page navigation: j/k go down / up d/u go down / up by half of page gg: go to top of page G: go to bottom of page f: open link in current tab F: open link in background tab H/L: go back and forth in history J/K: go left and right in tabs

o: quick open google/history O: open in new tab b: open bookmark B: open bookmark in new tab T: search in open tabs

?: help r: reload gs: read source i: insert mode yy: copy current url

/: find t: create tab x: close tab

Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers ctrl +a/e: go to beginning/end of line. also works in MacOS. ctrl + u/k delete from cursor to beginning/end of line command + r: refresh terminal delete one line: first ctrl+a, then ctrl+k ctrl + w: erase word to left ctrl + t: transpose/exchange characters around cursor

iTerms 2: swiching tabs: commang + left/right GitHub tools: tig: text based graph for git; hub gem: create PR in command line Bash prompt: PS1

text file format: markdown, asciidoc for a book (.asc)

spotlight search: name: kind: date:today date: >1/1/08 AND NOT OR hold command key, it shows the directory. hold command + double click or enter: open the folder

quicklook (space in Finder)

Finder command+shift+n: new folder command+alt+v: moves file from pasteboard command+d: = make more copies tabs: show next tab: ctrl + tab. show previous tab: ctrl + shift + tab command + i: inspect

spotlight search: tag:github AND apple

special characters / emoji: ctrl + command + space

curl curl -I url #just show me the response header: send a Http GET in the header, X-attributes: non-standard extension. curl url # returns the body of response: send a http GET. can change the verb as well

wget for files: wget url

pasteboard command line pbcopy/pbpaste curl -I | pbcopy pbpaste # run the command

Shell tune-ups echo $SHELL /bin/bash

shells: fish (not POSIX)

oh my zsh switching to zsh

dotfiles on GitHub
@pengwynn @holman

caffeine GUI set a screensaver for security reasons caffeinate: command line

window management: specticle (alternative slate

command + `: switch windows for the same application command + ,: go to setting of that app command + ?: search help app switcher: cmd + tab, then down: see all windows from that app. hit q: quit screenshot: command shift 3. add ctrl will copy the screenshot to clipboard screenshot selection: command shift 4. hit space bar to select between apps. after dragging, hold the spacebar to move the selection around.

annotate with preview. record video using quickplayer

applescript automation: script GUI applications, when the application expose the control to applescript

Automator: can add steps or just “record”

z command (better cd): e.g. z Down smart complete: frecency: frequency and recency

cd - : toggle between last two directories git checkout -: toggle between two branches

right click on icon: shows the path. can drag into terminal, “where” in the save dialog. in finder: type path: command + shift +g: type the path: auto-completion enabled

command + F1: toggle mirror display ctrl + alt + command + 8: invert color

search a recent command ctrl + r, then type

paste: cmd + alt + v command shift tab icons

hold alt, right click, see the files total size

Google doc: ⌘← Move to beginning of line (stops on whitespace) ⌘→ Move to end of line ⌘↑ Move to beginning of file ⌘↓ Move to end of file ⇧-move Select text ⌘F Find ⌥+⌫ and ⌘+⌫ are the shortcuts for deleting a word and deleting a line respectively.

Chrome: ⌘ + number: jump to tab