Work Env Setup


  • Most often you won't need the arm rests. Put them all the way down.

  • Adjust your back support, both upper and lower parts.

  • Don't recline. Use the upright position.

  • Sit the "full" chair, with only 2-4 finger length between the front of chair and your lower leg.


  • Adjust the desk height so that the bottom of desk is 1-1.5 inches above your leg.


  • Adjust the height so that your eye is at the center of the monitor

  • When you lay back on the chair, you should be able to read without leaning forward


  • Standing itself has no evidence of being healthier than sitting. It's the stand up action that's beneficial.

  • Don't stand for too long (>20 min), since then your feet become tired and your posture become bad.

  • Don't sit for too long (>40 min). Take a bathroom break. Make sure your chair is comfortable.