config file: .ssh/config

With the following in the config file, ssh orion will connect to the server:

Host orion
User scott
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa


# Send local file to user home folder in server. Note the colon at the end.
scp localfile.txt [email protected]:
# Send local file to a specific path in server
scp localfile.txt [email protected]:/var/tmp
# Get file from server to current local folder
scp [email protected]:filename.txt .

SSH Tunnel

Example: a remote database server ( only allows local access. On local machine we have a GUI tool, which can't connect to the remote database directly.

Solution: On local machine, use the following line to connect local port 9000 with server's port 3306 (via localhost:22, the port SSH uses). Note that the localhost in the following line refers to the remote server.

ssh -L 9000:localhost:3306 [email protected]

Then the GUI tool can connect to localhost:9000 to access the remote database.